Max & Erma’s DNO with the KIDS!!! (Valerie)

Max & Erma's | Social Moms Around ColumbusThat’s right….Max & Erma’s makes Date Night Out with the kids easy with FREE COOKIE Night on Wednesdays! Mona and I ventured out with “The Gang” all loaded up in one mini van. Can you guess what happens with all those kids in the van? Here’s a few conversations: “Keep your hands to yourselves!”, “He said I was ugly!”, “If you guys don’t behave we are not letting you have any cookies!” “That’s not true!” “Yes it is, Mona and I will eat them all!” And then there was silence…….

We made our way into the Max & Erma’s on Polaris which has been remodeled in the recent year or so. Since we had a large group we got there just after 5pm and were seated right away. Our server, was impressed that our gang ordered for themselves and I was thinking the same thing! How did we get grown up kids? Hmmm….maybe it was my cookie threat in the van :)

Max & Erma’s has a wide variety of items on the menu, even the pickiest eaters will find something on this menu. I ordered the Turkey Burger which has swiss, grilled mushrooms and fresh avocado on top of the burger. Mona, placed her order for a Turkey Burger (such a copycat!) sans the whole wheat bun. Little Joe showing his passion for cheese ordered the the kids grilled cheese and the other kids ordered favs like mac n cheese and sliders. I was impressed that some of the kids chose Fresh Fruit as a side dish. The food came out promptly and “The Gang” was behaving and eating like human beings. Interesting.

For the grand finale….. our server said our FREE Cookies would be right out. The kids suddenly had a wild look in their eyes….and wondered how may cookies they each got. I informed them it was 2 per customer but the best part is they are served warm. I LOVE a warm chocolate chip cooke. It is one of my weaknesses.

Date Night with the kids had ended and everyone got their cookies. I think everyone should get FREE cookies at Max & Erma’s.
SMAC Approved!

Max & Erma's | Social Moms Around Columbus | SMAC

Written by: Valerie

Full Disclosure: Social Moms Around Columbus was provided gift cards in exchange for a review-as always opinions are our own!


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